Research in the Stoltz Group

Research in our group centers on chemical synthesis with a focus on the development of new strategies for the preparation of complex molecules possessing interesting structural, biological, and physical properties. In concert with the design and development of unique and efficient synthetic strategies, we will develop new techniques and methods which will be useful in far reaching and unanticipated applications, as well as for the synthesis of the initial inspirational target. Thus, the general research paradigm within the Stoltz laboratory will be to utilize architecturally complex target molecules as the driving force behind the development of new reactions, which extend the limits of the science. Ultimately, we will have access to important biologically active compounds prepared through novel and efficient routes, as well as new techniques for the preparation of other structurally unique targets.

Funded by the NIH and the NSF-CCHF, with collaborations locally and internationally--all set at a world class research university, Caltech--the Stoltz group welcomes motivated, creative, and hard-working individuals committed to pushing the frontiers of modern 21st century organic chemistry. 

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Brian's lecture on Group Chemistry

The remarkable Caltech discovery of a renewable potassium-based catalyst. Featuring PhD student and Dow-Resnick Fellow, Anton Toutov, Professors Robert H. Grubbs and Brian M. Stoltz, postdoctoral scholar Wen-Bo "Boger" Liu, and undergrad Kerry Betz. 

Brian's lecture on C-H silylation