Stoltz Laboratory Tour

Take a walkthrough of our lab!

Chemistry, the universal language

Our home as of April 2010, The Warren and Katherine Schlinger Laboratory for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

A kitchenette for coffee, snacks, and other important group supplies

Each group member is assigned a rotovap, which is regularly used for evaporating solvents.

A Biotage Microwave, with an autosampler for up to eight reaction vials

The group has two HPLCs equipped with 5 different columns for chiral separation, complete with autosamplers and column changers.

Our lab is adjacent to the Caltech Center for Catalysis and Chemical Synthesis, which features two Symyx Core Modules used by the department for high throughput reaction condition screening

The west entrance to the Schlinger Laboratory.

A look down into a lab bay

We have two Teledyne ISCO Combiflash instruments for automated flash chromatography

Each rotovap is powered by a high efficiency, low maintenance PIAB air aspirator with a vacustat vacuum regulator

Our LC-MS (TOF), capable of obtaining high resolution mass spectra.

Solvent system with nine different degassed dry solvents

The hallway outside our lab and offices.

Large windows span the length of our lab, allowing plenty of natural light. Our lab overlooks the scenic San Pasqual Path

Four Cryocool instruments for extended low-temperature experiments.

The elephant-trunk ventilators are appropriate for containing minor laboratory hazards

A Prep-scale SFC instrument

Prep-scale Agilent HPLC purification system with reverse phase and normal phase columns

Our computer room has several Mac computers and a color laserjet.

A close-up view of one of our fume hoods.

A GC-MS with an autosampler

The group has a two-section glove box for working with air or water sensitive reagents

We also have GCs, equipped with autosamplers, which we use for both analytical and chiral separation purposes

An SFC and UHPLC, capable of reducing analysis times up to 10 times compared to conventional HPLC.